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DJI Mavic Pro User Manual

Click image to download DJI Mavic Pro User Manual

I've been fascinated by drones for years, and finally made the jump in September. I bought the drone that my young friend Dolf used to capture the videos and photos on this site. But I needed written documentation to master this complex little machine, despite all the great (and not-so-great) YouTube videos out there.

Fortunately, I found an excellent series of posts (here) by Russell Graves: comprehensive, clearly written, and invaluable for helping me learn to really fly my Mavic Pro. As a technical writer for a major part of my career, I couldn’t resist reorganizing Russell’s great content into this 135-page PDF document (with his consent) and making it available for anyone else to use.

I hope you find this material as useful as I did!

Happy flying!

- Tony

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