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.... that's you !

This is more of a hands-on sailing adventure rather than a cruise.  Knowing what to expect from life on board will be helpful, especially for overnight cruises... read on... 


We will be aboard a comfortable, well-equipped sailing yacht, but will need to optimize the space and resources aboard the boat to get the most from your sailing adventure (e.g. refer to the layout diagrams on The Boat page). For example, any extra luggage or equipment can be kept in a berth during the day and then moved out into the salon over night. And, while there are two showers on board and another on the stern, we may need to be conservative with water consumption if there are limited places where we can re-supply on our particular itinerary.  

These adventures are hands-on, and all able bodies should participate in the experience to some degree. The minimum level of participation includes:

  • a 15-minute boat familiarization and safety demonstration before casting off

  • wearing an (inflatable) life jacket when underway - they are small and comfortable unless submerged

  • assistance as needed with casting-off, mooring, and anchoring

  • help with cooking and/or clean-up, and sharing other on-board tasks

  • keeping your gear stowed and your personal space relatively tidy

If you feel so inclined, you can also:

  • learn some sailing basics

  • help with trimming the sails

  • take a turn at the helm

For more details on what to expect on your adventure, please see The Charter page. Let us know if you have any concerns. 

Don't worry, you won't have to swab the decks!

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