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Experience the beauty of Georgia Strait, Howe Sound, and

the Gulf Islands aboard our Jeanneau 40' cruising sailboat,
for a few hours, an entire day, a weekend, or a few days.

Everything for your adventure can be provided,
including a Skipper, at modest rates. All you
need to do is sign up, show up, and enjoy! 

We offer sailing adventures to folks with 
lots, little, or no sailing experience.

Individuals, couples, families,

groups (up to 8 members)

are welcome aboard!

LIFE is an adventure...
especially when you're SAILING !

If it was a painting, sailing on the West Coast would be a masterpiece... with you in the middle of it !

Let us Email you

Gibsons, BC, Canada


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Sailing near Gibsons BC
Video: Dolf | Audio: Zakk Harris (0:40)

Sailing near Gibsons BC

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