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Here are the details...

1. What is Provided

  • The Boat - a comfortable, well-equipped 40 foot Jeanneau sailboat with large cockpit, 2 berths & 2 heads with showers 

  • The Skipper - a professional sailor and "people-person", Tony will help make your adventure enjoyable and memorable 

  • Gorgeous geography - the mountains, sea, islands, inlets, and Destinations on the BC west coast are truly breathtaking 

  • Motorized dinghy - get back and forth to the beach or a restaurant or wherever you'd like when the boat is moored

  • Two-person kayak - get immersed in nature and do some up-close exploring of the surrounding shoreline

  • Fuel / Life jackets and basic safety equipment / Water and non-alcoholic drinks - also provided

OK, now that all the prerequisite details are out of the way, let's have an adventure !

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