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Here's some more feedback from our satisfied sailors !

9 Krissy & Friends.JPG

"...the most exhilarating event..."

Krissy & Friends

Los Angeles | Jul 2019

Skipper Tony was an incredible host for our girls day/bachelorette on the water. We had 7 ladies that were aboard his beautiful sail boat for an 8-hour adventure. Tony was fantastic with communication and any needs we had. He was more than happy to accommodate a pick up and drop off in Vancouver and a stop at Bowen Island for dinner. We would all HIGHLY recommend Skipper Tony. We ended the night at the celebration of lights and saw the sunset and fireworks while on the boat - it was truly incredible! He is very knowledgeable and we knew we were in good hands! Thanks Tony!

- from TripAdvisor

We went sailing as a group of six 25-30 year old women on a Bachelorette Party. We were aiming for a “bucket list” type event and that’s exactly the experience we received. Skipper Tony was incredible during the planning process, helping with recommendations and directing me with the transportation needed from our stay to meeting him. He took such pride in what he does and the services he provides, Tony is not only knowledgeable but willing to teach if you’re interested too! The sailboat was amazing, and had many amenities, it was clean and we also felt at home. My party and I could truly talk about this for days, all of us saying - hands down - this was one of the most exhilarating events we have ever done. EVER. Once in a lifetime, 100% would recommend this!!! You won’t regret it.

00 Laura.PNG

Incredible sailing experience!

Ireland | Aug 2019

Skipper Tony was an incredible host for our girls day/bachelorette on the water. We had 7 ladies that were aboard his beautiful sail boat for an 8-hour adventure. Tony was fantastic with communication and any needs we had. He was more than happy to accommodate a pick up and drop off in Vancouver and a stop at Bowen Island for dinner. We would all HIGHLY recommend Skipper Tony. We ended the night at the celebration of lights and saw the sunset and fireworks while on the boat - it was truly incredible! He is very knowledgeable and we knew we were in good hands! Thanks Tony!

- from TripAdvisor

While on a solo sailing trip along the West Coast, I had the privilege of sailing with Tony from Vancouver to Gibsons. Tony was incredibly welcoming and hospitable from the outset. The sail was phenomenal with gorgeous Howe Sound ahead combined with Vancouver’s skyline in the background - such a stark and beautiful contrast to see! His boat is perfect for sailing trips due to its comfortable layout!
His passion for adventure whether it is in sailing, kite-surfing, or scuba diving makes him an incredibly knowledgeable skipper with plenty of experience and great fun to sail with! I would 100% recommend adding a trip onboard to your time in Canada - to see the city from another perspective and seamlessly transition into a mountainous landscape is an experience perfect for anyone who wants to adventure a little beyond the normal! He’s an awesome skipper with a beautiful boat, one of the the most enjoyable sails I have ever had! Thank you so much Tony and Vicki - fair winds and following seas!

11 Joe&fam_crop.jpg

"Beautiful boat, fascinating skipper, gorgeous vistas

The Mealey Family

Los Angeles | Jul 2019

Skipper Tony was an incredible host for our girls day/bachelorette on the water. We had 7 ladies that were aboard his beautiful sail boat for an 8-hour adventure. Tony was fantastic with communication and any needs we had. He was more than happy to accommodate a pick up and drop off in Vancouver and a stop at Bowen Island for dinner. We would all HIGHLY recommend Skipper Tony. We ended the night at the celebration of lights and saw the sunset and fireworks while on the boat - it was truly incredible! He is very knowledgeable and we knew we were in good hands! Thanks Tony!

- from TripAdvisor

My husband and I and our two tall teenaged sons recently spent 3 days and 2 nights with Tony on  Sailor's Midnight. The sailing was superb. Tony was completely attentive to our needs and desires, and did so seemingly effortlessly. Tony let us do as much or as little as each of us wanted, and he taught our sons the basics of sailing. The meals he cooked for us (thanks to his wife Vicki's preparations) were delicious. We were safe and comfortable, but the adventure was still thrilling. We were on a gorgeous 40 foot sailboat in one of the most lovely regions in the world, so what do we recall most fondly? Our long, diverse, and enthralling conversations with Tony. Tony is engaging, gregarious and funny, to be sure, but he is also thoughtful, informed and well read. If you are so fortunate to sail with Tony, and you have the time, get to know this unique gentleman. You won't regret it -- and you'll have a blast!

14 Mercedes+Maria+Natalia.PNG

Beautiful Sail Trip

Mercedes & Nate & Friends

Ireland/Spain | Aug 2019

I went sailing with some friends and family. Tony was very friendly and attentive to everything we needed.

He recommended a great route

and places to go during our trip.

I would definitely do it again!

17 sarah.jpg

"...the highlight of our trip..."

Sarah & Jamie
Langley BC | Aug 2019

Absolutely fantastic experience!

Skipper Tony and first mate Jake

were great hosts.

Definitely the highlight of our trip

to the Sunshine Coast.

Would highly recommend!

2 bradley.png

" of the best sailors..."

Bradley & Dionne
Saskatoon SK | Jul 2019

Skipper Tony knows what he’s doing
and is one of the best sailors out there from what I’ve experienced.

Very kind gentleman.

4 Steph.JPG

"I'll be back..."

Stephanie & Friends

Burnaby BC | Jul 2019

Skipper Tony was wonderful to work with. He was responsive leading up to the date and he even pushed another event out so that he could host my Bachelorette trip. He was super accommodating and made everything that much easier to prepare. He was super friendly as well but also gave us our space to do our own thing. I'll be back for another boat trip soon!

12 Jess.JPG

"Top notch experience"

Jess & Friends
Vancouver | Aug 2019

Unforgettable afternoon/evening sail with Skipper Tony! Top notch experience, we are already planning the next time we go! Tony is extremely accommodating

to your personalized experience

and it doesn't get much better

on the water with him as the Skipper!

26 Dan+Joanna.PNG

"Whales, Sea Lion, Seals"

Joanna & Daniel
Whistler BC | Sep2019

The adventure with Skipper Tony was great. There was not much wind for sailing but we were lucky to view whales, a sea lion, seals, and ducks. It was an amazing sunny afternoon! (on a rainy day). Contact with Tony was fast and easy. Thank you Tony.

10 sydnie & friends.jpg

The BEST girls day!!

Sydnie & Friends
Vancouver | Jul 2019

Skipper Tony was an incredible host for our girls day/bachelorette on the water. We had 7 ladies that were aboard his beautiful sail boat for an 8-hour adventure. Tony was fantastic with communication and any needs we had. He was more than happy to accommodate a pick up and drop off in Vancouver and a stop at Bowen Island for dinner. We would all HIGHLY recommend Skipper Tony. We ended the night at the celebration of lights and saw the sunset and fireworks while on the boat - it was truly incredible! He is very knowledgeable and we knew we were in good hands! Thanks Tony!

6 Wehmeier.JPG

The best part of our vacation

Gary & Micki & Sons
St. Louis MO | Jul 2019

My husband and sons and I spent time in Victoria and Gibsons this summer, hiking, biking, kayaking, and visiting breweries. Little did we expect our sailing trip with Tony to be the highlight of our week!

He was a great conversationalist and had great patience with us explaining about the boat, his myriad of experiences, and telling us all about the Sunshine Coast. What began as a fun idea by my husband ended up being much more than we ever imagined! I highly advise making a sailing experience with Skipper Tony a must on your list of to-do’s.

16 Cass.jpg

Perfect Sail With Skipper Tony!

Cassandra & Taylor
Victoria BC | Aug 2019

I surprised my husband with a sunset sail for his birthday and from my initial Inquiry to the end of an incredible sail was perfection! Skipper Tony was super quick to respond and easy to work with - he let us bring our dog aboard and offered great recommendations on getting BBQ from Smoke on the Water. Really appreciated his follow up also. The sail itself was amazing and absolutely a highlight of not just this trip but any trip we’ve taken! Awesome and comfortable boat, Tony is so friendly and fun to talk to, but also really considerate and wanted to ensure the two of us had fun together and were comfortable. The route and views were spectacular too. I would 110% recommend to anyone looking for a great sailing experience! Thanks again Tony!


Surprise birthday sailing trip!

Laura & Family & Friends
North Vancouver | Jul 2019

Where to begin? A beautiful day of sailing along the Sunshine Coast with family and friends and Skipper Tony at the helm really made this a special birthday for me. Being able to experience BC from the water, especially with Tony navigating and narrating our journey, is something I highly recommend to anyone reading this whether you're a local (like us) or coming in from out of town. If there were more than five stars available for me to choose, I would have!

7 Lisa+Doug.PNG

Fantastic anniversary celebration!

Lisa & Doug
Vernon BC | Jul 2019

What a wonderful experience for my husband and I. Skipper Tony was entertaining and an accomplished sailor. We spent four hours sailing through the islands around Gibsons, BC... what a fun and peaceful day. Would recommend this trip to anyone passing through or spending time in Gibsons, you will enjoy this sleek and very comfortable sailboat. Will definitely do this again, next time we will arrange an overnight adventure!

Thank you so much Tony!!

5 Patti+Norm.PNG

"A Perfect Sail"

Patti & Norm 
Calgary AB | Jul 2019

It ain't cheap for just a couple, but the experience was rich! Tony was an outgoing and engaging skipper; totally professional, but also relaxed and confident. He was knowledgeable about the area and very flexible regarding the itinerary. This was a special birthday treat for my husband and he was just over the moon to be out on the water on this beautiful vessel.

3 Sandy & Richard.JPG

Brother from Toronto loved it!

Sandy & Richard

Sechelt/Toronto | Jul 2019

My brother and I really enjoyed our cruise with Skipper Tony. He was professional and is a very competent navigator. Tony was very flexible during the trip and made sure everyone had a great time. BEST thing to do if you have visitors.

22 yolanda-yanis.jpg

"...definitely an adventure!!!"

Yolanda & Diwakar & Sons
Vancouver/Iran/India | Aug 2019

Life is an adventure! Sailing with Skipper Tony is definitely an adventure!!!
We LOVED this amazing four hour trip!! My family and I had a blast. My two boys (6 & 8) enjoyed a great swim, Tony made us awesome cheese burgers! And we had a beautiful and mesmerizing ride coming back to shore. Thank you so much Tony for your time and a great beautiful experience! Sail with you again soon!!

18 sandy & Orrin.jpg

"sunset sailing...was fantastic"

Sandy & Orrin
Calgary AB | Aug 2019

Tony was an awesome skipper.

The sunset sailing trip was fantastic.

We highly recommend it if you have an opportunity to go. Tony is very knowledgeable about the area and pointed out many islands and provided other information throughout the trip.

24 john&emilie.jpg

"Stunning views of Vancouver..."

Emilie & John

Vancouver | Sep 2019

Emilie: Tony was great in communicating with us about weather conditions prior to our trip, and we lucked out with the rain holding off. The trip around Keats Island was incredible, with great company and food grilled onboard. Stunning views of Vancouver and the surrounding islands! 
John: Tony was a blast. All around great guy and even better experience. We lucked out with the weather and had an excellent time. Thank you so much!

28 Ajit.jpg

"...memorable and unique."

Ajit & Family
Abbotsford BC | Aug 2019

Skipper Tony is knowledgeable and professional. He made sure everyone knew each other before we started the journey on his boat. Tony explained the safety features available on the boat as well as the equipment. The added attraction was the BBQ which we used. For the whole journey, he explained the features on the water and the landmarks we passed. He also served us with non-alcoholic drinks & light snacks. This four-hour trip was memorable and unique.

You get more value than what you pay.

I am certainly coming back for longer trips. I was impressed by his honesty and his candour to keep guests occupied and entertained. 

15 Shuang+Lisa+Chloe.PNG

Wonderful trip!

Shuang & Friends
China | Aug 2019

We had a great sailing trip with Skipper Tony! What an impressive experience! Highly recommend for others to try it out! Tony's boat is very beautiful, clean and cozy. Tony is very nice & friendly and he offered us cold drinks. His schedule was actually very tight, but when he heard we are from China and don't have much flexibility on advance booking, he adjusted his schedule and offered us a great chance to sail with him. We had a great time on his boat... very much appreciated!

25 xing.jpg

"Brilliant time..."

Xing & Family

China/Australia | Sep 2019

Brilliant time to see why Vancouver is one of the top cities in the world. 
I can't say enough about how fantastic both Skipper Tony and the sailing experience were. Firstly, I only had four days in Vancouver and wanted to see the highlights of the city but was short on time. I wanted to do something leisurely that also gave me a taste of Canada's natural beautiful scenery. 
Sailing seemed to fit the description and Tony was the best skipper I could have asked for. He was patient in communicating with me over multiple emails, he was willing to work with my tight timeline and he has a great personality. I can't thank him enough for his patience as I was asking many questions and he answered them all one by one.
We sailed in the morning from Gibsons after I took a ferry over from Horseshoe Bay. I felt we were in safe hands for the entire time. We had to end the sailing slightly early and Tony was generous and took us to some local sights so that we didn't have excessive hours waiting for the return ferry trip.
I would certainly do this again when I am next in Vancouver. It is a great way to see the city if you have 6-8 hours for a short day trip out of Vancouver. My family and I had a great time and many wonderful photos to remember the trip.

20 Sam+Blanche.JPG

"...highlight of the trip!"

The Sakaroo Family
Markham/Iran/Korea | Aug 2019

It's been a little more than two weeks now since we're back home and we’re still grinning from ear to ear going through the photos and videos again and again; everyone agreed that the sailing was the best highlight of the trip! We were so happy that Skipper Tony was able to accommodate us for a 4-hour charter when the 8-hour was not available on the date we requested. We were able to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and our birthdays with a sunset cruise surrounded with endless views of absolutely stunning, picturesque mountains and gorgeous shades of blue sky painted with cotton ball clouds as the bright sun kept playing peek-a-boo. What an amazing time we had aboard  Sailor’s Midnight. She deserves an applause, too! She is absolutely sleek and beautiful, especially when the sun slowly bid farewell and disappeared for the evening, providing a calm golden reflection that bounced off the still water. What a lovely backdrop! What a view! Truly a blessing!
Thank you for making us feel at home! We loved sharing adventure stories with you and learning all about the region over wine and cheese. We laughed, drank and nibbled, laughed, and sang, laughed, and danced, and laughed some more. Truly a memorable experience, one to cherish for years to come! You’ve encouraged us to look forward to retirement! Sail on... until we meet again!

23 Christophe+Sarah-lores.JPG

" birthday celebration..."

Christophe & Sarah
Vancouver | Sep 2019

An outstanding birthday for my girlfriend, thanks to Skipper Tony and his boat! It was kept as a surprise for her until the very last minute, and Tony did a great job helping surprise my girlfriend by wishing her a happy birthday as we were randomly strolling along the dock in Gibsons! My girlfriend's surprise and joy was immense when she realized that we were boarding Tony's beautiful 40ft sailboat for four delightful hours! Her best birthday celebration, she said!
Tony is a fantastic guy! A great professional, genuinely kind, personable, and really funny! There were so many memorable moments during this four-hour cruise! Learned the basics of sailing, went swimming as we stopped by Keats Island, saw some wildlife etc... We felt ecstatic the whole time! We loved this day and will remember this experience for the rest of our lives! Big thumbs up!

8 Christin.jpg

"...highlight of our trip..."

Dan & Christen & Daughters

Calgary AB | Jul 2019

Great adventure with our daughters aged 8 + 15! Skipper Tony was the epitome of congeniality. He immediately made us feel comfortable and relaxed and safe. Got our kids involved in age appropriate ways to help. Trip was the highlight of our Sunshine coast trip!

21 morel-ozan-lores.jpg

" amazing day sailing..."

Allan & Jennifer & Friends
France/Vancouver | Aug 2019

My group of 8 friends were very satisfied and had an amazing day. I'd recommend Skipper Tony and his nephew/firstmate Jake for an amazing day sailing on rough seas and calm waters :) His great BBQ skills and his knowledge of the area will for sure make your day memorable.

1 valgard.PNG

Lovely day on the water

Valgard & Hannah
Bristol UK | Jun 2019

Had a fantastic day out with Skipper Tony. The boat was lovely and super comfortable, the views were stunning and Tony was a fab host! Super day out and would recommend to anyone.

Thanks so much for having us aboard Tony and for going above and beyond

to help us out too.


A wonderfully interactive experience

Mark C & Friends

Gibsons BC  |  Jun 2019

I booked a half-day sailing adventure with three of my friends, only one of whom had ever sailed before.

Tony far exceeded our expectations with his knowledge of both sailing and the Howe Sound area, and by allowing us to participate in the process (with the patience of a saint).

We all felt that we could easily spend a full day or more with Tony, and this has whet our appetites for more sailing! All in all, an amazing day with a wonderful skipper!


"...the perfect birthday..."

Jenny M & Friends

Burnaby BC  |  Jun 2019

Our sailing adventure was so much fun, and I got to handle the boat as much or as little as I wanted.  Skipper Tony was a true delight!  He picked us up at the ferry, and we all instantly hit it off.  He was professional, yet personable - as if we'd been longtime friends. And the boat was welcoming and comfortable.  It was the perfect birthday - full of laughter, great views, and my numero uno: adventure!  It's one for the books!  Great day!!!  Thanks Skipper!


We were a group of nine friends and we were so lucky to have spent 4 hours
with Tony on his beautiful sailboat.

The waters off the Sunshine Coast of BC are magical. We were able to relax, have lunch, and even swim!!
I highly recommend Tony. He’s a very nice man who has so much knowledge. We felt very safe with him as our skipper.

Seas the day!

Morgan & Miranda & Friends

Gibsons BC  |  May 2019


"...wonderful trip and fond memories!"

Davis Family

London UK | Jun 2019

We had a lovely four-hour boat trip from Horseshoe Bay to Gibsons with Skipper Tony. We were delayed getting to the dock due to traffic and Tony was very accommodating. The trip was to celebrate our daughter's first birthday and Tony was great with her, she got to wear the captains hat and as it was such a calm day we all sat at the front of the boat bobbing along watching the world go by.
Tony provided lifejackets, even one for our daughter, and there were plenty of drinks for us. My father-in-law even had a go at sailing the boat for a bit once the wind picked up. Thank you so much for a wonderful trip and fond memories!


Best Trip Ever

Singapore | May 2019

Tony is one of the most awesome people I've ever met. He's cool and highly flexible, changing the trip based on the situation and interest. I had a ton of fun chatting and enjoying the sea breeze. Definitely the highlight of my 4-month trans-Canada trip. My only regret is not being able to go for a multi-day trip, but will definitely be back for more. Not joining this tour while you're in BC would be one of the biggest mistakes.


The Best Vitamin Sea!

Shirazeh & Juan Carlos
Iran & Mexico  |  May 2019

We were in Gibsons looking to sail for the first time. Tony was flexible by taking us on very short notice. We were interested in learning about his boat so he showed us how to read the controls, set the ropes and the sails. The trip was very pleasant, feeling the boat floating on the water and moving with the wind.Tony is also a fun and interesting person to talk to. We were really enjoying learning many things about astronomy, philosophy, life, and a summary of his recommended books.In brief, he gave us the most beautiful and memorable experience in the sea. Looking forward to meeting him again.


"Amazing boat trip..."

Sarah, Jeff & kids

Hawaii  | Jul 2019

Amazing boat trip for our family!
Skipper Tony was awesome - he adjusted our 8-hour sail based on some rainy weather and we had a wonderful day!
He was fantastic with our 3 and 6 year old daughters (who talk a lot!) and we really felt like he was part of our family.
If/when we are back in the area we will definitely find him for another tour!


"...genuine hospitality..."

Carolina & Friends
Vancouver BC  |  Jun 2019

I want to thank Skipper Tony for his genuine hospitality on this great sailing trip. He took care of every detail before the trip, he helped us figure out how to get to Gibsons, and once we got there, he picked us up at the ferry terminal.
The sail was so great, and the boat was very comfortable with fridge, BBQ, washroom, shower, blankets, and beverages. We had such a perfect day: disconnected from our worries and relaxed, plus the views were amazing! Thank you so much Tony... we are looking forward to our next trip.


"...eight-hour slice of heaven"

Caryn & Philip
San Fransico  |  Jul 2019

Sailing the liquid silk, ever-changing
blue-gray-silver waters around
the chain of islands was
a little eight-hour slice of heaven.
Skipper Tony infuses both personal charm and local folklore legend into the island’s hidden topography and landmarks.
This a memorable experience
not to be missed!


" lovely."

Taylor Family

Malibu CA  |  Jul 2019

It was so great to just chill and
take in the beauty of Gibsons
and the surrounding islands. 
Thanks to Skipper Tony for making
our experience out on the water

so lovely.


" amazing sailing experience"

Adriana & Jose

Atlanta GA  |  May 2019

This was our first time sailing and Tony really did go out of his way to make us feel safe and comfortable and just overall gave us an amazing sailing experience. He really wanted us to feel cared for and even after the boat ride, helped us navigate the coast. I definitely recommend this!!


A Perfect Afternoon

Shirley, Stephanie & Laurie

Gibsons BC  |  Jun 2019

My sister LOVED her surprise birthday present...a four-hour sail with Skipper Tony on his beautiful sailboat
"Sailor's Midnight".

Far exceeded our expectations and
we will repeat ASAP!

1 Aneesh & Friends.jpg

"...extremely professional, friendly..."

Ahneesh & Friends

Dallas TX  |  Mar 2019

Our group (8 people) booked this experience on short notice, and even though Skipper Tony had a scheduling conflict, he was extremely professional, friendly, and accommodating throughout the entire process. And it turned out the ferry to Gibsons was down that day, so he picked us up at Horseshoe Bay.
We enjoyed a beautiful sunset cruise along the Sunshine Coast, and Skipper Tony made sure to keep the entire group engaged throughout the trip.
When we returned to Gibsons, he dropped us off in his personal vehicle at the ferry terminal.
Despite the bad luck... we had an incredible time - all thanks to his generosity and flexibility. Not many other guides would have gone to the lengths Skipper Tony went to in order to ensure we had a good time. Do not hesitate to book this experience when in Vancouver!


"Perfect Day with Friends"

Theresa & Friends

Vancouver BC  |  May 2019

My friends and I went on the 4-hour sail with Tony and had an absolute blast! Tony was a great skipper who was very friendly. He was very flexible and helped me out in the planning process as well as giving us the option of choosing where to sail.
Tony also did a great job explaining how
to sail for those who wanted to learn
(I'm a sailor but my friends are not). 
The boat is a very nice sailing yacht. The sailing, the boat, the people, and the weather - everything was great!

I definitely recommend Adventure Sail to anyone wanting to get on the water and explore this beautiful part of the world.


Great Birthday Sail!

Katie H & Friends

Vancouver BC  |  Jun 2019

My friends and I did a four hour sail with Tony from Horseshoe Bay to Gibsons.

We were looking for a way for our friend to wear a Captain's hat for his 30th birthday, and Tony definitely delivered! 

We had an absolutely awesome time.
The views of the inlet were fantastic, and when the sails were up and the engine was off it was very serene.

We all had a blast relaxing on deck to our own tunes, and also chatting with the skipper. Not only did we luck into the best weather - blue skies and warm breeze - but Tony effortlessly turned the day into a chance for some of us to literally learn the ropes of sailing. 

We would all recommend Adventure Sail to anyone looking for a fun way to see the coast and enjoy some sunshine.

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