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2011-2017 REVIEWS

Early reviews from satisfied sailors!


" absolute joy..."

Jason & Jackie S.

Vancouver BC  |  Aug 2017

I've enjoyed several sailing trips with skipper Tony. He has always proven 
to be not just reliable and safe but
absolute joy to be around...
plus the Howe Sound and Georgia Strait area is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been and to experience it all from the water is a perspective that can't be missed. I would recommend anyone  take a short or long cruise with Adventure Sail.


"...a truly memorable experience"

Guiseppe & Stephanie

Rome, Italy  |  Jul 2017

When my uncle Guiseppe visited from Italy, we went sailing with Tony.His sailing knowledge made us feel safe, and we had such an enjoyable time that we still talk about it often. Combine the awe-inspiring beauty of West Coast with a genuinely kind and fun host, and you have a truly memorable experience.We look forward to going sailingwith Tony again the next timemy uncle visits Canada.


"...sweet and memorable weekend."

SigneMarie E.
Copenhagen, Denmark  |  Jul 2017

Sailing with Tony was a joyful experience. We visited some beautiful islands and sailed around a few others,
and I even got to steer the boat. 

A sweet and memorable weekend.
Thank you.

woman 2

" unforgettable trip..."

Chris & Sam J. 

Granthams Landing BC​  |  Jul 2017

Tony, the skipper, is one of the most convivial and accommodating hosts
I have ever met. Both his good humour and passion for sailing made the overnight voyage from Gibsons to Vancouver Island and back an unforgettable trip
for my son and me.


"...first time aboard a sailboat." 
Honzi & Mei L.

Garden Bay BC  |  Jul 2017

Skipper Tony is a true seaman. He is witty, knowledgeable, humorous, and kind. And he is a great teacher too.I spend a full afternoon with Tonysailing from Gibson to Pender Harbour.
It was my
first time aboard a sailboat
His way of teaching made sailing easy to understand and helped me feel confident in handling the boat.


"...a wonderful time..."

Greg & Janet R.

Granthams Landing BC  |  Aug 2017

Skipper Tony is a skilled mariner; 
together with our friends, we spent
a wonderful time with him exploring
the beautiful coast around Gibsons. 
We look forward to our next sailing adventure and appreciate sharing
his love of sailing.


"...a fantastic holiday..."

Dave H.

Vancouver BC  |  Sep 2016

Picture a Maltese fisherman, now picture his father with white hair and beard. Now picture him sailing on the BC coast. That's Tony. Thank you for a fantastic holiday on the water! You were the perfect host.


"...a delightful afternoon..."

Doreen C.

Burlington ON  |  Jun 2016

What a delightful afternoon to relax and enjoy the sun and a warm breeze.Lots of time to sail near the coastline and explore the homes of seals and otters, and admire the unique accommodations of local folk.

McAlevy kid.jpg

"...breathtaking beauty... "

Jeff, Lani, & Family

Oxford UK  |  Dec 2015

My wife, myself, and our three children had a wonderful time sailing with the "Skipper". The breathtaking beauty of the Canadian west coast together with heart-warming Canadian hospitality made our trip pure joy!


"Sensational !"

Rick & Rachel A.

Calgary AB  |  Aug 2014

Our sailing trip with Tony was one of the best trips we've ever had! It was a unique experience that offered fabulous scenery and an exceptional guide and host who is very knowledgeable about all things sailing and the places we visited. We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the boat and would recommend a sailing trip with Tony to anyone. Sensational !


"...such a great time..."

Dona C. & Chris T.

Surrey BC  |  Sep 2014

You can't go wrong with Adventure Sail. My husband and I enjoyed two trips in Georgia Strait and another in Howe Sound. We had such a great time with
skipper Tony. We'll do it again soon with visiting friends. Highly recommended !


" was incredible!"

Kellie, Shannon, and Justin

Peterborough ON  |  Aug 2011

My sister, brother, and I went on a four-day trip with Adventure Sail – starting in Gibsons, crossing Georgia Strait to Nanaimo, exploring the  Gulf Islands and coastal towns, and ending in downtown Vancouver - it was incredible!
Seeing sea lions off the Sunshine Coast, dolphins swimming under the boat, and taking in the gorgeous sunsets. And it was a treat to sail with skipper Tony, both for the sailing and the chance to visit. You’ll meet few people in your life who are as real and warm as he is!

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